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What did other families have to say...

- Susan & Chris -

We approached Claire after having some sleeping setbacks prior to the birth of our second child.  Our oldest had gone from a 12 hour independent sleeper, to venturing into our bed in the middle of the night.  


Claire was amazing and saved our family.  She gave us a heap of great tips and an insight into our family dynamic and how to support our eldest with sleeping, and also transitioning to becoming a family of four and making this change as gentle as possible for her.  We felt really supported and she gave us the confidence and knowledge to put a system in place which works for all of us.  


It has been really easy to follow and we have also been able to utilise her experience in other areas, such as new born sleep, fourth trimester support and toilet training!!  Her relaxed approach was so comforting when there's an internet full of mixed (mis)-information.  It is so nice to talk to someone with clinical experience and also real mothering experience. 

Thank you for helping us so much.

- Cassie & Tim -

We can't thank Claire enough! I thought the sleepless nights would never end.  Claire coached us on how to recognise and respond to our son's sleep cues, and helped our - exhausted - family to develop a comprehensive nap and bedtime routine that ultimately helped our whole family to rest and sleep.  She listened to us, without any judgement, and provided helpful advice specific to our family

- Casey & Melissa -

Claire has a vey calm and gentle approach towards families and children.  She is an extremely knowledgeable health professional who values children's health and families.  Claire is a very honest and supportive person.  She is generous with her time and will undoubtably help you achieve your goals

- Sarah & Dan -

We thought we had our toddler's sleep sorted until he hit the "terrible two's"...!  All of a sudden, we felt like we were going one step forward, two steps back!  Thanks to Claire’s support and advice, I have gone from feeling continual frustration and guilt regarding my son's sleep regression and my subsequent response, to understanding that his behaviour is a direct result of normal physiological and neurological changes that happen at this age.  This in turn, allowed me to be mindful of his new sleep needs and respond appropriately so we both felt satisfied.  We have all benefited so much from Claire’s advice and support and are so much happier with how we deal with certain situations, especially now understanding what is happening in his little developing mind.

- Jill & Phil -

When I was pregnant with my first child, I did birthing classes to prepare for the birth and had purchased so many unnecessary things that I thought I’d need when we finally brought our new bundle of joy home.  Little did I know that the birthing process was only a tiny part of what was a very big change in our lives!  After having our son, I felt completely lost with all the unknowns and the overwhelming hormone changes.  This was a part that I felt completely unprepared for and a part that not many of my mum friends talked about or skimmed over.  I found myself turning to Claire a lot in this time and I am so grateful to have had her support to get me through this huge change and the unknowns.  It’s so easy to feel lost and alone during this time but her reassurance and advice is what kept me sane during this transition...

- Megg & John -

From the first interaction Claire was the most supportive person who listened to how I wanted to

approach our sleep issues and offered kind, focused advice that would suit our way of parenting.

Claire is well educated and organised so any questions we had were answered in a reassuring and comforting way that didn’t make me feel like I had failed or was ruining my child but rather, she reassured me and uplifted me to ensure we continued on the path we thought was right for our child.


Would highly recommend Little Joey beyond birth support to anyone needing even just some

reassurance about anything baby related. So helpful, so kind!

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