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Little Joey Beyond Birth Support

Providing gentle, realistic, bespoke, evidence-based parenting support for families with newborns to pre-schoolers, focusing on sleep & settling, gestalt breastfeeding, bottle feeding, and parental wellbeing.  

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Claire Saunders

Holistic Sleep Coach

Child Health Nurse

NDC Accredited Practitioner


Hi, I’m Claire from Little Joey Beyond Birth Support.  I am a registered Child and Family Health Nurse with over 15 years of clinical experience.

Aside from nursing, I am a Mum of two active little boys, who have provided me with my greatest challenges and, by far, my greatest rewards!

Through my experiences as a mum, and a nurse, I have developed a passion for empowering families to feel confident and connected, providing them with the tools they need to help navigate through their parenting journey.

Getting your child to sleep can seemingly be a insurmountable challenge leaving you and your baby tired and irritable.  A simple internet search will reveal a mind-boggling array of methods, theories, tricks and blogs that promise a solid 12 hours of sleep a night.  


And so, like many other sleep deprived mums, in desperation, I tried many of these methods with my own babies, and although these techniques may work for some parents, a lot of it went against my instincts as a mum, resulting in tears, stress, and a sense of guilt that neither of our needs were being met.


I decided there had to be a better way and from this place Little Joey Beyond Birth Support was born.  

My aim with Little Joey Beyond Birth Support is to provide gentle but realistic, bespoke, evidence-based parenting support to families with newborns to pre-schoolers focusing on sleep and settling.  In addition to guidance around sleep and settling, I provide information and reassurance about healthy newborn and toddler behaviours, focusing on the normal physiological changes and developmental milestones that may disrupt sleep and ways to navigate these without the tears from you or bub!

If you’re looking for reassurance or support around sleep, that is responsive and does not involve sleep training or ‘cry it out’ methods, Little Joey Beyond Birth Support might be for you.

Please contact me to discuss how I can provide the support and guidance you are looking for.

One to One Coaching Sessions

Providing one to one coaching sessions focussing on, but not restricted too, sleep & settling. 

Feel empowered to connect with your parenting instincts, working with developmentally appropriate responsive strategies that support the parent-child relationship

         - Home visits (Broome, WA)  

         - Virtual calls (Australia wide).

Feeding your baby, toddler and child

Education and  support in providing your little one with the food necessary for growth, development & health.


I am not an International Board Certified 

Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), but I am working towards becoming one. 

Providing support with:

- Gestalt breastfeeding

- Feeding assessment

- Positioning & attachment

- Breast care

- Paced bottle feeding

Introducing solids

Coaching Packages

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You can get in touch to book a coaching session, ask a question or leave me a message about anything else using this form and I’ll get back to you. 

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